IBioIC19 Plenary Speaker - Saul Purton, PHYCONET

Plenary Speaker - BBSRC NIBB Phase II

Thursday 31st January 09.15 - 10.45

Saul Purton is Professor of Algal Biotechnology at UCL, and Director of Algae-UK (formerly PHYCONET): the UK’s BBSRC-funded network in algal biotechnology and bioenergy. He obtained his PhD in plant molecular biology from the University of Cambridge in 1988, and was then awarded a long-term EMBO Fellowship to study algal molecular-genetics at the University of Geneva before joining UCL as a lecturer in 1991. His research group focusses on various aspects of microalgal biology and evolution, and the exploitation of microalgae and cyanobacteria as phototrophic cell factories for production of natural or recombinant products. These products include pigments, oils, bioactive metabolites and therapeutic proteins. Major new projects in his group include the redesign and synthesis of a completely synthetic chloroplast genome (in collaboration with Professor Alison Smith, University of Cambridge) and the development of new molecular tools and technologies for industrially important microalgal species.

Saul's presentation is now available to download.

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IBioIC19 Plenary Speaker - Saul Purton, PHYCONET