IBioIC19 Plenary Speaker - Chris Goodall

Plenary Speaker - Closing Plenary

Thursday 31st January 2019 15.00 - 15.40

Chris Goodall is a writer and analyst on the energy transition. He has published five books on reducing the climate change impact of energy use. He is also an investor in innovative start-ups in the low carbon field and chairs ChargePoint Services, the UK’s fastest growing network of rapid chargers for EVs.

'The continually falling costs of renewable electricity around the world make it possible to generate hydrogen through electrolysis at prices that are competitive with fossil fuels. Using wind or solar power to make hydrogen also makes it possible to cope productively with surpluses of renewables, an increasingly frequent event. The presentation will try to show how electrolysis of water will become the key route that enables the decarbonisation of the whole economy. In addition, I will look at the possibilities for low cost capture of CO2 directly from the air. With inexpensive hydrogen and carbon dioxide, industrial processes have the key ingredients for the cost-competitive manufacture of a wide variety of fuels and other chemicals.'

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IBioIC19 Plenary Speaker - Chris Goodall