#IBioIC20 uses Whova as its official conference app. Download the app here.

On registration, delegates will receive an invitation code to join #IBioIC20 on Whova. Sign up to access all event information, even without Wi-Fi or data services, get instant programme updates, personalise your schedule, set reminders, and meet and chat with other delegates even before the conference via the in-app profiles and instant messaging feature! Feed back on track sessions, use the bulletin board to stay in touch, share a cab, get a coffee, or even share memorable photos.

Delegates should read Whova’s Privacy Policy before entering their details. Once a delegate signs in to Whova, their name will be listed in the attendee list of this event to facilitate networking. Delegates have the option of removing their name from the list via the appropriate item in the Settings menu, should they so choose. This does not affect their ability to view Programme or other information, but will limit use of the in-app messaging, Twitter outlet, community board, survey, photo sharing, profile editing, or business card scanning features.

(Please note: delegates are welcome to use the app features to arrange informal meetings, however, only meetings arranged via the official 1-2-1 partnering software will be scheduled space in the designated meeting rooms.)

Read the Whova Event App User Tutorial.

Watch the Event App User Tutorial Video.



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