The aim of this workshop is to help us understand the opportunity for Ayrshire that exists in the blue economy; where to prioritise; how to align with national activity; and shape our thinking going forward. The session will open with an introduction to Ayrshire and an overview of our current understanding of the blue economy.

North Ayrshire Council through the Ayrshire Regional Economic Partnership are leading on work to develop a Blue Economy Strategic Action Plan for Ayrshire . The importance of the Blue Economy has never been in sharper focus across Scotland. Ayrshire has competitive advantages across its coastline that properly harnessed could generate significant economic regional and National Growth, whilst leading the way towards a low carbon and sustainable marine future. With strong industrial and strategic development opportunities, allied to a regional Ayrshire Growth Deal and key destination development projects within the coastal corridor, it is an exciting time for Ayrshire to drive forward an approach to the Blue Economy.

We are seeking input from key industry, academic and public sector players to help us answer the following questions:

  • What does “blue economy” mean within an Ayrshire context?
  • What and where are the major emerging opportunities?
  • What are the national priorities our expertise and industry can help address?
  • What are the economic growth opportunities that can be developed from an approach to growing the blue economy?
  • How can we grow regional competitive advantage to support wider national targets surrounding the blue economy?

This will complement ongoing engagement with Ayrshire communities, businesses and relevant stakeholders and inform initial thinking around the development of the Strategic Action plan.

Venue: TIC, 99 George St, Glasgow G1 1RD

Room: Conference Room 7

Date: 6th February 2020

Time: 13.30 - 15.00

*This event is by invitation only*