As an extension to IBioICs engagement with the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) on the development of the research, demonstration and flagship funding programme, the IBioIC community has a unique opportunity to influence the skills provision across Europe.

Dr Rachel Clark, Skills Programme Manager has been appointed as an Industry Advisor to the Working Group of the UrBIOfuture project (funded by Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking), which has the goal of bringing Europe to the forefront of the bio-based sector by boosting careers, creating new educational programmes and research activities.

This presents a unique opportunity for the IBioIC community to have their say in the future skills provision across Europe by completing an online survey, which will help the group understand the future educational needs of the sector by 2030 and assess whether current educational systems are properly addressing those needs. The survey has 54 brief questions and can be accessed here.

The deadline for responses is 31st August 2019.

Inside the survey you will also find the option to sign up for regular updates on the UrBIOfuture’s progress and results.

All information provided will be treated statistically with no reference to your company nor to your person. Should you require additional information or clarification, language difficulties, or any other comments, please, do not hesitate to contact info@ibioic.com


In 2011 the European Commission (EC), in its report “Bio-based economy in Europe: state of play and FUTURE potential”, identified the need to support the development of European bio-based economy, by insuring availability of required skills through dedicated training programmes and defining appropriate education targets. Since then, the Commission has been promoting the identification of the bio-industry needs, in order to design industry-driven educational programmes and turn the bio-economy challenges into added value job opportunities across Europe.