The Social Mobility Foundation is inviting organisations in Scotland’s Central Belt to meet, engage with, and provide support to high-achieving S5/S6 students through their Aspiring Professionals Programme.

"Mentoring through the SMF allows me to put to use the knowledge and experience that I have for the benefit of young people who I would not otherwise meet. All of my mentees have been enthusiastic and, rightly, ambitious. All they needed from me was encouragement, guidance and a recognition that even the most talented people must practice and prepare. The work of the SMF ensures that our nation's talent does not go to waste.” – from an SMF mentor

The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) is a charity which aims to support high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds into top universities and professions by introducing them to networks and companies and providing encouragement and insight.

SMF are looking for companies and organisations in Scotland’s Central Belt to get involved with this programme by volunteering as a mentor, offering work experience, or providing a tour of their facilities.

Find out more about the programme via the leaflet download in the right hand menu, or contact the SMF: 


Phone: 0141 353 5639


“For anyone deliberating over whether to apply for the Social Mobility Foundation, I would always say just go for it, because the mentor-mentee approach really introduces you to the world of work, in a way that is exciting, and it is really empowering, knowing that there are careers suitable for every individual.” – from an SMF mentee