SLG Technology is exploring new biotechnologies to convert the byproducts of leather processing into high-value protein for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and supplements.

Scottish Leather Group (SLG) is a world leader in the production of leather, providing high-quality materials for prestigious automotive brands. Now, as part of a broader sustainability initiative, SLG and their subsidiary SLG Technology are becoming leaders in resource efficiency and waste reduction by adopting biotechnology to capture the value of their production byproducts.

In a bid to fully understand the protein composition of their processing byproduct streams, SLG Technology approached the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) to help identify an academic expert and a suitable funding source to advance their project. A partnership with Professor Nik Willoughby of Heriot-Watt University was facilitated and this five-month fact finding project has received funding support from IBioIC.

Prof Willoughby’s research group will analyze SLG’s byproduct streams and explore new extraction methods to add value to the company’s activities. SLG Technology aims to enter new markets with these isolated proteins, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and supplements.

“Partnering with IBioIC, we have been able to find and access the biotech expertise needed to address a significant sustainability challenge and explore the opportunity for added value. We are excited to be working with Prof Willoughby on this project, and for what the future might hold.”
– Dr Warren Bowden,  SLG Technology

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