The Flexible Downstream Bioprocessing Centre (FlexBio) located at Heriot-Watt University, links to the Rapid Bioprocess Prototyping Centre by taking the most promising bio-processes and proving they work at a scale that allows the move to commercialisation. This Centre fills the current UK-wide gap in the provision of scale-up facilities at this semi-tech scale (15 - 100 litre) combined with a highly flexible, integrated approach to total process development on a single site.

This facility is flexible enough to work for all aspects of industrial bioprocessing – from chemical focused industrial biotechnology through bacterial, algal and mammalian cell culture products to cell therapies to maximise the breadth of industrial applications.

FlexBio focuses on scale-ready process development, lowering the cost of process development and providing a feed into other facilities across the UK.


For general enquiries and new user bookings, please contact our Facility Manager at flexbio@ibioic.com

Registered users can book through our online system opposite.

IBioIC is part of BioPilotsUK, the alliance of open access biorefining centres