The IBioIC Accelerator Project Programme offers support to companies seeking to work with one or more of the Centre’s Scottish HEI Partners on a collaborative industry-led project. The IB Prime Project Competition offers pump-prime funding of up to £50K towards academic costs on new and follow-on projects which focus on the innovative application of industrial biotechnology to address a real market need or commercial opportunity.

IBioIC Accelerator Programme

Call for Projects
IB Prime 2018
Closing date: 31st October 2018


The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) invites applications for industry-led collaborative research projects from businesses with a foothold in Scotland or those who can deliver inward investment to help stimulate Scotland’s Economy. Projects should focus on innovative applications to industrial biotechnology and address a real market need or commercial opportunity through collaborative knowledge exchange and research between Industry Members and at least one of Scotland’s talented HEI research teams

To date, the IBioIC Industry Led Programme has supported more than 40 collaborative research projects with a total project value of over £11 million and an application success rate close to 50%. The current call invites applications from companies addressing challenges in the IB sector, to head up projects alongside at least one of the Centre’s Academic Partners. This is a unique opportunity for Industry to tap into the world class skills of Scotland’s HEIs in areas directly relevant to exploitation in the field.

Projects should be aligned to achieving Scotland’s National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology and provide innovative solutions in one or more of the following key areas:

  • Production of chemicals, intermediate chemicals, natural products and materials
  • Production of peptides and proteins, e.g. recombinant biologics, enzymes, antibiotics
  • Production of bioenergy and liquid or gaseous biofuels from sustainable biomass
  • Use of enzymes / biocatalysts for new product development / improved process
  • Cell factory construction and process physiology
  • New or improved downstream processing for use in IB applications
  • Integrated bioprocessing for complete utilisation of raw materials and manufacture of co-products

See the attached documents for further information and to apply.