The Scottish Bioresource Mapping Tool is a pioneering approach to mapping bioresource arisings which allows us to provide potential investors in the bioeconomy and circular economy uniquely detailed information on the 27 million tonnes of bioresources arising every year in Scotland which have been analysed so far.

The Bioresource Mapping Tool is the result of analysis undertaken in preparation of the Biorefining Potential for Scotland Report by Zero Waste Scotland and currently compiles data from the following four key material groups:

• Waste - SEPA statistics
– Municipal solid waste, commercial & industrial waste

• Food & Drink by-products - SEPA statistics
- Municipal solid waste, commercial & industrial Waste

• Agricultural residues (Whisky, beer & fish sector study, Scottish Agricultural College, 5th quarter blood report)
– Whisky by-products (draff, pot ale, lees & washings), brewing
– Dairy whey, fish and shellfish, slaughterhouses

• Waste water sludges - Scottish Water

Enquires on streams outwith the above are also welcomed as additional datasets will be coming online in the coming weeks and months.

Enquires should be made by email in the first instance and should specify name, organisation, email and optionally around 100 words detailing the nature of the enquiry.