Steven Asiala

Steven joined IBioIC in November 2018 as Senior Business Development Coordinator. He is keen to support IBioIC’s continued work in raising awareness of industrial biotechnology by introducing companies to the benefits IB can bring to their core business, and by adding value to by-products or waste streams.

Steven comes most recently from the University of Strathclyde Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, where he investigated the use of nanoparticles in biological applications, specifically as diagnostic tools and biomolecular imaging contrast agents. He is trained as an analytical chemist, completing a PhD at the University of Notre Dame, USA (2014) and a BSc at Grand Valley State University, USA (2009). During his doctoral studies, he developed novel substrate fabrication, measurement, and data processing techniques related to Raman spectroscopy.

When away from the office, Steven enjoys a good run, a good podcast, a good run while listening to a good podcast, playing music, and staying up far too late to watch American football.