Flexible Downstream Bioprocessing Centre

The Flexible Downstream Bioprocessing Centre (FlexBio) located at Heriot-Watt University, links to the Rapid Bioprocess Prototyping Centre by taking the most promising bio-processes and proving they work at a scale that allows the move to commercialisation. This Centre fills the current UK-wide gap in the provision of scale-up facilities at this semi-tech scale (15 - 100 litre) combined with a highly flexible, integrated approach to total process development on a single site.
This facility will be flexible enough to work for all aspects of industrial bioprocessing – from chemical focused industrial biotechnology through bacterial, algal and mammalian cell culture products to cell therapies to maximise the breadth of industrial applications.
FlexBio will focus on scale-ready process development, lowering the cost of process development and providing a feed into other facilities across the UK.

See details below for information on the equipment available within this centre.

Status Update

  • Official opening of FlexBio - Wednesday 25 May 16
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment begins (March 16)
  • Official handover of facility to IBioIC (February 16)
  • Facility build in progress (July 15)
  • Tender completes & Merit Merrell appointed for the design and build of the FlexBio facility (July15)
  • Stage C report for the Design of the FlexBio facility published (February 15)
  • First meeting of the FlexBio laboratory design team (December 14)
  • Tender process begins for equipment purchases (September 14)
  • FlexBio project team meet for the first time (August 14)

Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory

Providing flexibility expanding on the centre's capabilities to handle different culture types.

Microbial Cell Laboratory

Will allow for scale up studies of bacteria and yeast fermentations and algal growth studies.

Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory

A suite of skid mounted equipment providing a flexible environment to handle a wide range of products. The lab also houses a 2x2m walk in fumehood allowing more complex solvents to be handled safely.

Analytical Laboratory

Providing high quality at-line analysis of products.


For further information on enquiries and how to make a booking for the centre, please contact: flexbio@ibioic.com

RBPC Facility Now Open

Complementary to the FlexBio, the Rapid Bioprocess Prototyping Centre (RBPC) houses the most advanced technology to rigorously assess the potential of new cell lines, bio-products or novel approaches to bioprocessing.

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