Academic Partners

Scotland's HEI's have world class skills in research areas including feedstock manipulation, sytems and synthetic biology, biocatalysis, and applied research in areas directly relevant to the exploitation of IB, such as bioprocessing, biofuels, and waste management and upgrading.  These institutes have core competencies in many organisms used in IB, including algae, yeasts, filamentous fungi, and bacteria ranging from Corynebacterium to Escherichia coli, allowing agility in integrated bioprocess planning.

The academics working with IBioIC have the opportunity to participate in industry-led programmes that will provide funded staff and will be exposed to industry discoveries, ideas and needs that will open up further opportunities for collaborative R&D with industry; provide pathways to Impact for RCUK grant application and will provide future Research Excellence Framework Impact case studies.  Academics will be encouraged to publish in high-impact journals, whilst being mindful of commercial sensitivities, in order to raise individual and IBioIC profiles.  They will also be encouraged to initiate innovative projects for which IBioIC will find and select the most appropriate industrial collaborators.

Skills Matrix

IBioIC has collated a number of capabilitiy summaries from Scottish HEIs to highlight their expertise in industrial biotechnology.
Please get in touch with IBioIC directly to enquire about potentially working with these Academic partners.

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