Our Members

IBioIC is seen as a trusted navigator that guides organisations through every stage of the move from initial idea to industry adoption within the IB environment. Our Centre is already strongly supported by more than thirty companies who use, or plan to use industrial biotechnology in their business and have committed a financial contribution to the Centre. Our ambition is to expand the industrial cluster to contain at least two hundred companies of all sizes across the full spectrum of chemical and life science business. By signing up to membership with the IBioIC, companies have access to a wealth of benefits that will help ideas develop from concept to commercial reality.

Find out about what benefits your company will receive by becoming a member of IBioIC.

To discuss membership, speak to our Business Development Manager, Paul Hudman.

The following companies are listed as current members the Centre.
"What IBioIC’s doing is exactly what’s needed, it’s providing a hub, a forum, a place where different disciplines can come and mix and talk to each other."
Ian Fotheringham, Ingenza

Leading Members

Leading members have IB processes at the heart of their business strategy. Enjoying the benefits of our networking activities and engagement with the academic community is vital to future business successes. Our Leading members have a voice and influence on the direction of the Centre, the projects we fund and how we contribute to the development of an IB industry in Scotland. As such Leading members are invited to sit on both our advisory boards but are also offered a seat on our Governing board. This direct connection to industry at the highest level of our governance structure is crucial to us remaining relevant and consistently delivering real value to our members.

Core Members

Making up the main body of the Centre’s members, they are ‘core’ to what we do as an organisation. Networking, and a connection to emerging trends/a national strategy for IB is important to this group, but involvement in our skills programme and access to collaborative projects is key to their engagement. They are attracted by the opportunity to give industrial exposure to our postgraduate students to enhance, the future success of our Masters and Doctoral students.

Core members are elected into both our advisory boards and are crucial in the judging of projects to be funded by the Centre or PhD thesis abstracts. In these roles our members will help shape the organisation and are integral to the formation of its strategic goals for the future of Industrial Biotechnology in Scotland.

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Associate Members

Associate members are currently made up of interested parties or technology suppliers who want to be involved in the creation and cultivation of an IB industry within Scotland but have no requirement for, or relevance to jointly funded projects or access to our skills programme. These members value the breadth of our network, locally and globally both within academia and industry and see IBioIC events as opportunities to meet current, and potential customers, and ensure their offering remains relevant to the IB industry.

Network Members

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