The IBioIC has been formed and launched as an operating entity in January 2014 with the full and strong support of industrial companies ranging from startups to multi-national corporations covering all four colours of Industrial Biotechnology. It will harness the combined intellectual horsepower of 13 Higher Education Institutes and create a single portal for industry to connect with Industrial Biotechnology technology.

This consortium of thirteen partners, combined with the abundant natural resources within Scotland will uniquely encompass, in one distinctive Innovation Centre, all four colours of Industrial Biotechnology and translate knowledge between them in order to gain maximum leverage and value.

The IBioIC recognises the extensive intellectual, physical and natural resources that exist in Scotland and seeks to accelerate, catalyse and leverage the development and commercial exploitation through this highly distinctive capability.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a truly distinctive world-leading Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC).  We will accelerate and de-risk the development of commercially viable, sustainable solutions for high value (specialty & commodity) manufacturing in chemistry-using and life science sectors.  In so doing we will establish an innovation and growth engine yielding substantial economic impact and delivering increasing and sustainable wealth creation, prosperity and employment in Scotland.

By 2030 our target is to generate 1.0 to 1.5 Billion pounds of Gross Value Added contribution annually to the Scottish economy, this represents a growth of revenue from today's estimated value of £190M, to between £2 and £3bn.

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Ph Jon


 led by industry for industry

Industry Led Innovation Projects

Core and jointly funded programmes
Sponsored research project competitions
Staff Secondments between Industry and Academia
Consultation and Fee for service programmes

Skills development

Collaborative MSc programme in Industrial Biotechnology led by industry need Collaborative PhD programmes and Studentships
Establishing HND programme with Further Education Institutions Establish Modern apprenticeships in consultation with industry

Outreach and Knowledge Exchange

Build and expand the industrial membership Centre for technical and commercial knowledge exchange
Raise awareness of IB in Scotland, UK and internationally
Networking events and technical seminars




Our industry partners have identified five major themes for IBioIC

Sustainable Feedstocks (including unconventional gases)

Enzymes and Biocatalysis/ Biotransformation

Cell Factory Contruction and Process Physiology

Downstream processing

Integrated Bioprocessing.



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  • 10/09/2014   £700,000 committed to Industrial Biotechnology innovation projects
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  • 25/08/2014   Interview with Caroline Strain - Scotland's national plan for Industrial Biotechnology
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  • 20/08/2014   Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre to receive £2.7m funding Boost
    The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre has raised a total of £2.7m to establish two bioprocessing centres that will contribute towards IBioIC's aim to Generate at least £1bn GVA for the Scottish economy by 2025.... more